About Us

Our vision is to build tomorrow’s advertising environment by focusing on today’s data transparency.

Developing a strong partnership with our clients is key. At Media Dojo it’s not just about the results but also transparency and providing best-in-class services for our clients. A desire to go beyond what we have learned allows us to continuously exceed results. We bring to the table a wide variety of experience in the media industry, digital advertising, strategic marketing and TV commercial advertising.

Our goal is to provide you with the best in class 360° digital services to help your brand stand out from it’s competition. Through our integrated service approach, we’ll be able to help you align your web creation, digital advertising and content creation so that they’re all working towards the same ultimate goal.

Media Dojo is run and managed by three partners Matt, Otto and Steven who have joined together to build a digital advertising partnership:

Matt has been working in TV advertising for the past 10 years working on large budget commercials for brands such as McDonald’s, Mountain Dew, Xbox, Powerade, Comcast, Skoda Auto and Staropramen.

Steven has spent the last three years in New York City planning and running Social and RTB ad campaigns for multinational advertisers on a global level for brands like, Amazon, BMW, Mercedes, CITI Bank, Bose, Marriott managing a total of $20 million in ad revenue.

Otto has been providing digital solutions (Branding, Web Development, PPC) independently since the age of 18. Currently responsible for digital operations for one of Czech Republic’s largest political parties and co-developed the successful startup spaceflow.io.